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Cause me to do things your way God. Teach me to follow You on the right road.
Lead me in your Truth… Psalm 25:4-5a

Kids Love Our Church.

During each of our weekend services, our kids classrooms provide much more than childcare.
Every weekend we teach kids one Bible truth.
From the moment you drop off your child to the moment you pick them up, they experience safe, age-specific environments designed with them in mind.
Our Backyard kids teams present fun and engaging church services that clearly communicate biblical truth.
Ask your kids what they learned in church this week!

Pond – Nursery (infant – 17 months)

We love babies! While parents enjoy the weekend service, they can rest assured that
their babies are receiving personal care in a safe and nurturing environment. Our team
creates a positive church experience that introduces infants to the love of Jesus.
-The Greenhouse 18 months to 2 years-
-The Garden 3 – 4 years-
-The Sandbox 5 – 6 years-

Preschoolers love to learn, and our classrooms provide interactive learning experiences in
a colorful and engaging atmosphere! From illustrated lessons to small group activities,
preschoolers learn about Jesus and the Bible in bite-sized pieces each week.
-The Clubhouse 1st – 6th grade-

In our elementary environments, our goal is to help kids learn about Jesus and build

relationships with others through object lessons, engaging Bible stories, and small group
activities. We believe that church should be fun, and we have a blast every week!

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